From Sinner to Son of God


The Battle is for who will control our mind.

Because our mind directs our will to make decisions and Joy will be the result when the decision comes from the Holy Spirit.

The Battle of the Ages for Believers

Our Flesh has a brain and feelings that remember. They are like the pull of gravity that is constantly pulling us down.

Just as aerodynamics is the power to overcome gravity so Christ gave believers the power to overcome sins.

Our spirit is seated with Christ in Heaven. His Holy Spirit is in believers making perfect information available to make the right decision. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will never impose His will over us. We must consistently be in submission to have His perfect will.

Since our Old Man is crucified he ain’t no more so now our battle is with

  1. The world around us. Stand   therefore. Ephesians 6:14
  2. The devil above us.     Submit therefore. James 4:7
  3. The flesh within us.    Sin not therefore. Romans 6:12

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