The Responsibility of the Counselor



I just finished counseling someone that needed prodding to be responsible. Remembering the job of a counselor is to get people to see their responsibility to the Lord. As I deal with others now it is much easier to be compassionate. I remember my own failures from way back and from yesterday.

I like to remind people that each one of us is autonomous beings that make our own choices. No one likes to be ordered around. My mother was a genius. She told me things when I was 5 years old that were way too heavy for me and then told me I would be responsible to protect my little sister.

My mother explained that most of the time I could just tell her where I was going and unless she said otherwise it was okay. She rarely challenged my decisions but did so enough to keep me on my toes. I believe that her early dealings with me programmed more responsibility into me.

Theology is designed to dictate morality but what in fact happens is immorality creates theology and everyone falls into the devil’s lies who then steals people’s lives with the ultimate goal of murder for eternity.

As a believer I think scripturally but communicate with character which works on the logical side of people. To sell them I give my testimony which is my personal story and it works on their emotional side. If I only work on Bible I will lose them.

When I see the shortcomings of another my antenna goes up because I realize that God is trying to point out my sin in the same area. If I see the failures of others and react then I am immature.

How are you doing? Are you seeing others failures and confessing your own?

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