When did the Serpent come into the Garden of Eden?



The Lord put His case to rest on the seventh day. His last command was to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” the command to replenish is because the animals were already told to “Be fruitful, and multiply,” but Eve saw the multiplying process of the animals and wanted to know what took place before she arrived.

While Adam is filling in Eve on the events before and after his creation Lucifer is making his case in Heaven. He draws one third of the angels to his team and they are promptly thrown out of heaven. You will often see them in heaven again because they report to the Lord often and are used to accomplish His purposes. Satan’s dominion is in the air and he is called the prince and the power of the air until the middle of the Tribulation when he is send to the earth.

Satan then comes into the body of a serpent which is a certain kind of dragon (see Revelation 20:2) to make his case before mankind in the Garden of Eden. From beginning to end Satan seems to believe that the universe is a democracy with the leader determined by the majority. Believers are theocratic meaning we are looking for the King of kings who will rule the universe.

Satan quickly wins his case and just as quickly loses both of his subjects.

Where was Adam while Satan talked with Eve?

How did Satan win so easily?

What did Jesus do?

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