What is Revival?


What we deal with here we will not deal with at the Judgment Seat of Christ. If you think it is difficult to confess your sins to God and those you have offended now and then make restitution in this life just wait until the Judgment Seat of Christ.

If you deal with it now you will not face it later. If you wait until later you will suffer loss, no believers will not go to hell but lose rewards.

After the rapture we will go through the Judgment Seat of Christ. Satan is kicked out of heaven in the middle of the Tribulation. Satan is there as the accuser of the brethren during our judgment.

It always amazes me that people somehow think that waiting until later it will be easier to deal with. Think about it:

  • You will be standing before the Holy and Just God.
  • Satan himself will have all of the reports from his demon horde to accuse and mock you.
  • You knowing that God chooses not to remember anything you have confessed.

If you do not deal with it now you better start thinking of a good excuse to tell God then while that demon voice is laughing and mocking because of his victory in your life. But if you deal with it now then Jesus will be laughing and mocking at Satan.

At salvation we confess that we are a sinner and receive the gift of eternal life by faith in Jesus, John 1:12.

After salvation

  • We confess our sins as God sees them, I John 1:9 and thank Him for forgiveness.
  • We make restitution with those we have offended, Matthew 5:24
  • We claim the cross, Galatians 2:20, Romans 6, John 3:30 and thank Him for our place on the cross.
  • We ask to be filled with the Spirit, Luke 11:13 and thank Him for controlling us.

To walk otherwise is to be presumptuous and carnally minded. The height of presumption is to throw a “grace blanket” over your sins. That is to say: “if I have sinned I ask that you forgive what I did.” That is not confession. To confess is to name your sins the way God sees them.

The Judgment Seat of Christ ahead of time is my favorite definition of revival.

Are you honest? Are you dealing with your sins or putting it off?

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