Marriage Problems began in the Garden of Eden

Marred in Potters hand

Genesis 1:28 … Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth … JLV: Then God says give me lots of grandkids! (JLV: Jim Lane Version) :-)

Adam had been with the Lord all day then Eve comes on the scene and is told to start multiplying. The animals were told to fill the earth and given a head start. With no sin or labor pains they were all multiplying like rabbits.

JLV: Hold on big boy I want to know what has been going on before I got here.

At the end of the sixth day everything is good. The seventh day on earth begins with Adam having Sabbath School with his wife. In heaven we see the first rebellion in all of Creation. Lucifer is proclaiming equal rights as seen in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 and becoming Satan.

By the end of the first Sabbath day

  • Adam had filled in Eve
  • Lucifer had become Satan
  • Satan recruited one third of the angels and makes his way to the earth to increase his tribe.

Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning says John 8:44 which indicate the first week. Creation week consists of 24 hour days because scripture says “the evening and the morning” but in His big plan the days are 1,000 years as suggested in II Peter 3:8 so on the last day; during the millennial reign of Christ Satan will be locked up.

The Lord watched as man made his fatal choice. Then calls out to Adam asking where he is. Adam confesses his sin. Jesus comes into the Garden to make provision for mankind and declare war on Satan and his seed.

Eight is the number of new beginnings. Just as Noah’s family of eight began over again so Adam and Eve began again on the eighth day.

Solving Marriage Problems


A friend suggested that before God created Eve he looked at Adam and said I can do better than that. In every case I know of the man gets better than he deserves. Ladies you knew when you married that he wasn’t all that you had hoped for so stop trying to fix him and submit as I Peter 3:1-6 suggests.


Learn a lesson from Habakkuk who was bitter at the Lord for what he was going to do to his people, see chapter 2:1. The Lord ignores the ugly remarks and just tells Habakkuk what to do in verses 2-4. Do what Adam should have done

  • Get alone with the Lord early in the morning.
  • Build a hedge of protection around your dominion that will keep the enemy out.
  • Meditate on your “word from God” all day received in the morning.
  • Share with your wife in the evening and suggest that she keep a journal.

Some if not many of the human authors of scripture employed a scribe. Jeremiah used Baruch to do his writing, see Jeremiah 36:4. Paul used Tertius to write Romans; see 16:22 but wrote Galatians himself, see 6:11. In most families the wife is best suited to be the “family scribe.”

Wives can use the journal as a basis for a Godly appeal to remind the husband what the Lord said to them. You could gently ask “how does that line up with ______ that we previously discussed?” Suggest that you want to keep him in a position as the family example like Paul in I Corinthians 11:1.

Jews use a lunar calendar. Gentiles use a solar calendar. Women have a 28 day cycle. A man can cycle as often as the daily setting sun but typically waits 2 to 3 days. A wise man walks with the Lord and keeps his wife up to date and experiences oneness on a regular basis.

Genesis 3 ends with the couple being driven out of the Garden. According to Usher whose dating is used in many reference Bibles it is a year before Adam knew his wife. Can’t you just imagine the arguments with all of the blaming going on between them?

  • Eve: you should have built a hedge around the Garden.
  • Adam: I told you not to eat that fruit.
  • Eve: you should have told that beast of the field to get out of our home.
  • Adam: you were the one talking to him.
  • Eve: you just stood there and watched the whole conversation without saying a word.
  • Adam: you ate first.
  • Eve: I noticed that you bit right into it as quick as I gave it to you.

The blame game gets you nowhere but going in circles. Fortunately they had no other options to choose from so eventually they settled the arguments and began the human race. Now God will never have any grandchildren because Galatians 3:26 informs us that each becomes a child of God by faith.

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