Justice vs. Corruption



Repentance or Remorse

I continued to visit the man in jail he sobbed some times and often explained why he did not want to go to prison. The case lasted for a year. The young man that did the machine gun hold up came to court to testify once.

While waiting to get into the court room I overheard two lawyers talking; one said to the other that the judge was the toughest in the county. Then I saw those lawyers stand before the judge who asked the first one what he wanted three times raising his voice each time. Finally he told the judge and then the judge asked the other 5 times. After both lawyers said what they wanted the judge made a suggestion that both liked. The whole thing took about 5 minutes.

The judge never looked at the defendant during the trial. I realized later that the statue of Justice is blindfolded. There is something about seeing lowers our standard of Justice. It is hard to justify justice on someone we know. Justice looks only at the facts.

I had been taught, now I was being trained. I am convinced that the judge went through many things in the process not only to make sure that justice prevailed but that I would be able to discern in the future.

The young man was guilty and never came to guilt to ask for mercy. Finally the evidence was overwhelmingly convincing and the man was sentenced to 270 years plus life and the judge added in all of my 27 years on the bench I have never seen such a scoundrel as you. You will never see the light of day again.

Sometime later I left the pastorate to go into evangelism and a pastor asked if I would be the principal at their Christian school. He said I could take off anytime necessary for meetings. During that year as the principal one of my responsibilities was disciplinary action on students.

Previously one teacher had always accompanied the principal when discipline had to be administered. She began to tell the other teachers what she was learning about how to discern between truth and lies that the other teachers began to appeal to take turns to be in on those sessions.

God used that judge to train me in His ways. What processes is God allowing you to go through so that you will be equipped for the future?

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