How do I know it is Faith?



Worship is a walk of faith. It is rooted in what you believe. Now comes the heart of the issue: what are your roots grounded in?

  • Is faith a feeling?
  • Is it faith because the preacher said it?
  • Is it faith because I saw it in the Bible?

John 4

23  But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

24  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

In this passage on worship Jesus reveals two necessary ingredients.

  • Spirit
  • Truth

Jesus told us that He is the truth, John 14:6. Jesus told us that the Bible reveals Him, John 5:39.

The Spirit was sent by the Father after Jesus left and given to all believers, John 14:26. The Holy Spirit teaches us all things, I John 2:27.

There are many possibilities for hearing about faith.

  • Church
  • Radio
  • Parents
  • And the list could go on

Years ago I was preaching at an upper middle class suburban church with about 500 present. During the invitation God told me to do something I have never done before or since. He told me to extend an invitation for someone called to preach. I did so and a man in his 20’s came forward.

I overheard those talking with him. They asked if this was an emotional decision. He assured them that the Holy Spirit had been working on him for some time.

Another time I was asked to go to the home of a lady whose mother had been a witch. They had twin 17 year sons that were playing Dungeons & Dragons; a demonic game designed to get young people into the occult and then take them to the next level. During one of their games one of the boys twisted his brother over his head like a baton and dropped him on a chain link fence nearly killing him.

The father who was an executive with a large corporation came home while I talked with his family. Each family member received Christ except one of the twins. Then I suggested that they sign up for a seminar that would help them with their walk with the Lord.

They all wanted to sign up even the boy that did not get saved but then the father said “wait a minute are you just excited about this because of this smooth talking preacher?” Each said they wanted to go and they did. At the seminar the other twin received Jesus as his only hope for salvation.

We need to ask our self the questions that the altar workers and the father in the above illustrations asked. Is God in this? Otherwise we will be caught not only in false religion but also get rich schemes, bad business deals, used car salesmen with less than desirable deals after the fact.

Think of it this way; we have an unfair advantage against the world, the flesh, and the devil by being able to ask the Holy Spirit. Our challenge is to be able to hear from Him.

  • Are your sins confessed?
  • Are you tuned in?
  • Are you asking for His guidance?


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