Faith moves Mountains

Faith moves mountains

Faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains. The largest mountain you will ever move is explained in John 4 where the woman at the well talks about the two mountains where the Jews and Samaritans worshiped. When you learn the message of the mountains and move to the Son of Man you just changed your eternal destiny and that is a big move from Hell to Heaven.

A mustard seed is the size of a 10 point pica period in print. Jesus made it that simple to change your eternal destiny. Salvation is not accomplished at a place but in a person; Jesus Christ.

One Evidence of Salvation

There is only one evidence of salvation; faith. I was there when I committed my soul to His keeping. When I forget who I am in Christ and live like the world, controlled by the flesh, and do the things that please the devil; Jesus does not forget me. I am kept by His power and will be disciplined with His love.

Many Counterfeits

Consider this short incomplete list that any person with religion and without Jesus can accomplish:

  • Crying his way to the altar
  • Laughing and rejoicing
  • Submitting to baptism
  • Joining a church
  • Speaking in tongues
  • Slain in the spirit and falling down
  • Laughing in the spirit
  • Turning from sins
  • Reading the Bible
  • Memorizing scripture
  • Praying
  • Giving
  • Taking communion
  • Going to Bible College
  • Becoming a preacher
  • Winning another to faith (Judas took part in this)

If there was a time when you received Christ by faith without any works or commitment on your part other than that you committed to faith in His finished work on the cross then;

  • He saved you
  • Sealed you with the Holy Spirit
  • Put you into the body of Christ
  • Made you a new creation
  • Gave you a new soul that cannot sin: I John 3:9
  • Left the old soul intact until the Judgment Seat of Christ
  • Now you have to make a choice daily and moment by moment which soul to feed to determine which one will grow strong and control your activities.

Quit looking for evidences and start walking by faith.

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