How to communicate the gospel

Communicating the Gospel

The way to earn the right to speak to anyone is to open or add to a conversation with something you have in common. Paul was a master at finding commonality see I Corinthians 9:22.

At the appropriate time give your testimony and then give the gospel.

  1. Commonality
  2. Testimony
    1. What I use to believe
    2. How that messed up my life
    3. What God said
    4. How God has blessed as I have obeyed
    5. Gospel
      1. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.
      2. We live in a sin cursed world.
      3. You and I started as sinners and no hope.
      4. Jesus paid our debt on the cross.
      5. Receive His gift of eternal life by faith to become a child of God.

i.      John 3:16

ii.      Romans 3:23

iii.      Romans 5:12, Ephesians 2:12

iv.      Romans 5:8

v.      John 1:12

It is important to communicate that disciplines His children to bring them to maturity. See Hebrews 12:5-11

  1. Children do not come into the family of God because of ignorance. Give them a clear presentation and they will get saved. Everyone must come as a child.
  2. Teens do not receive Christ because of the lies they have been told. Explain the truth that is holding them back and they will receive the new birth.
  3. Adults are held in bitterness. At some point they determined that an all knowing and loving God would not allow “a circumstance” to them. People do not forgive because they don’t understand the:
    1. Sovereignty of God.

i.      Sin came in the world by one man making the wrong choice.

  1. Spirit of Satan.

i.      God did not do the evil but gives each of us has a free will and keeps Satan on a leash.

  1. Sanctification of Man

i.      Freedom from bitterness comes when we forgive God and people.

How well known are you in Hell? Those who communicate the gospel are going to the gates of hell and snatching the lost from the burning Jude 23.

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