Choosing meekness by giving up your rights brings revival

Matt 5 5


Meekness rhymes with weakness but is actually power under control. Try to imagine everyone in an orchestra playing their personal favorite song that would sound awful. Now remember when everyone submits to the leader’s selection and plays together in perfect harmony.

Have you ever seen a wild stallion running in the open field? I watched an expert train a wild horse that had never been ridden.  Upon completion in just over an hour he allowed my daughter-in-law who was pregnant with my first grandson to get on and ride away.

A proud and stubborn horse lifts his head which sways the back, weakens ability to carry a load, and slows him down. A meek and humble horse lowers his head which stiffens the back giving the ability to carry a heavy load and run faster.

Holding on to your rights brings rebellion. Choosing meekness by giving up your rights brings revival.

How much of a load can you carry? How fast can you run?

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